Illinois Most Pro-Abortion State


On June 12, 2019, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed into law SB25, a bill considered more extreme than New York’s Reproductive Health Act. Illinois is now the most extreme pro-abortion state in the nation.

The new Illinois Reproductive Health Act, effective immediately:

  • Creates a fundamental right to abortion, removing all restrictions and limitations on late-term abortions, allowing abortion for any reason, throughout the full nine months of pregnancy;
  • Removes conscience protections from pro-life doctors, nurses and hospitals who refuse to participate in abortions;
  • Allows for non-physicians to do surgical abortions, including, but not limited to, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants or a person acting under the supervision of one of the above;
  • Mandates that all private insurance plans cover abortions, with no exception for churches, religious organizations or pro-life groups;
  • Removes the rights of an unborn child who can survive outside the womb or is on the verge of birth, undermining legal justification for the crime of murder of an unborn child;
  • Removes the licensing requirements for abortion clinics, removes penalties for performing an abortion procedure on a woman who is not pregnant and lifts the ban on the sale and experimentation of an unborn baby;
  • Eliminates the requirement to publicly report abortion statistics, such as repeat abortions, number of out-of-state women receiving abortions and number of abortions performed on underage girls.

Paves the way to completely repeal the Illinois Parental Notification Act, which mandates that no physician can knowingly perform an abortion on a minor child (17 years old and younger) until that physician has ensured that the child’s parent, grandparent or legal guardian has received notice 48 hours prior to performing the abortion.

Aid for Women is on the front line of the abortion battle. Currently, over 100 abortions are performed each day in the state of Illinois, over half are in the Chicago metropolitan area. That number is about to surge.

Aid for Women will continue to stand strong and committed to empowering women, men and families to choose life for their unborn babies — as we have for over forty years! We are deeply grateful to all of you, our generous donors and volunteers and the pro-life community, for your continued support.